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Online Greeting

With this new, free service, on-line greeting cards, Green Hills Community makes it easy to send words of cheer and encouragement to loved ones while they are here. On-line greetings can be sent to anyone in the nursing facility of the Green Hills Center.

To send your on-line greeting, type in a personal message. When you have completed the simple form, click on 'Send Card' to deliver it to the hospital.

Our volunteers will deliver the greeting to your friend or family member. The greetings are printed and delivered Monday through Friday. To help facilitate delivery, please include the patient's first and last name, and if possible, the room number. Please keep in mind that the content of your on-line greeting is not confidential. It will be seen by the member of our volunteer staff who prepares it for delivery.


Having problems with the online form? Send your greeting to info@greenhillscommunity.org